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28 March 2010 @ 04:54 pm
Yesterday I tried switching my 9 month old kitten from Royal Canin kitten food to Evo. I had always read that the first three ingredients in cat food should be real meat, and I had never seen any food that met that. When I learned of Evo and how it is grain free and has all natural ingredients it just made sense and seemed like the healthiest option.

I don't think she likes it. I haven't seen her eat any and this morning I found a mess of it on the floor by her dish. It looked as if she had been digging out the Royal Canin and just eating that. My question is how do I get her to eat it? Will she just get hungry enough and eat or is this a losing battle? You would think it would be so much tastier. I am wondering if I should have bought the regular Innova instead.

I really want this to work and for her to like a more natural food. At the same time I am not exactly rich (yay student loans and graduate school) and I don't have the money to try several different foods just to have to buy something else. What do you feed your cats?
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06 March 2010 @ 08:41 pm
My husband and I are thinking about getting a companion for our cat, Jasper. He's a somewhat large (~13 lbs) orange tabby and he's 10 years old.

He's lived with us in our apartment for the last year as the spoiled only pet in the house. But prior to that he lived in my parents house since kittenhood, and shared the place with a completely spazzy torti female cat, a golden retriever, and a springer spaniel. He was best buds with both dogs, but he would constantly harass the other cat. He didn't fight with her, but he would pester her and then watch her arch and hiss and bug out. He thought it was funny.

So we're unsure what to do. He's a healthy boy, but we think he's lonely. We both work, so he's on his own much of the business day, and when we're home he tends to follow us around and wants to be in the same room with us at all times. I thought it would be a good idea to get him a friend.

But who to bring home? A younger cat? Older? Male? Female? The only cat he's ever lived with is my brother's crazy torti (and she's been nuts since birth). I don't want him to pick on whoever we bring home, but I also don't want some young adult to be running circles around him and upsetting him either.

Has anyone ever successfully introduced a new cat in with an established older one? What worked, didn't work, or did you have things that just failed miserably that I should avoid?
04 February 2010 @ 10:55 am
My female tabby/calico, Chii, is 3 years old. I have noticed for the past week or two that she will sit in the kitchen and whine and whine and whine for hours every evening. She makes those little "mmmmm?" noises, but she doesn't out-right cry. I know she isn't sick, it's like she wants attention, but I am sitting in the living room watching TV and she is perfectly free to come sit on my lap like she does sometimes. Does anyone know why she does this?
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05 January 2010 @ 04:31 pm
Hey, I actually have two things to address in this post, but I'll try to make them quick.

1.  A while back, around August, I made a post here when I was really in a bad place.  I had just rescued a stray kitten, and I had NO. CLUE. what to do.  I have six dogs, three rabbits, and a horse.  NOT A CAT PERSON.  However, as I type this very post, that very same kitten is sitting net to my computer snacking on some food.  She's grown up to be the love of my life.  She has this whole house obsessed with her, and she shares my bed with me and my 100lbs. dog.  I just wanted to say thank you guys, because you gave me the reassurance I needed to learn how to be a cat person.  Her name is Chiyo...and she just tackled my head >>

2.  You know the blizzard of 09? The one that buried much of the east coast of the US in 20 inches of snow?  Well, the night it started I got a phone call from my neighbor.  (Everyone in my neighborhood knows that we're the crazy animal people >_<)  He had a stray cat on his porch, and he wanted to know if it was ours.  No, it wasn't my baby Chiyo.  Yes...we went and got it.  So now I have this WONDERFUL black tuxedo cat.  Remember how I mentioned I have six dogs? HA.  He's fine with them and they ignore him.  Friendly?  He clings to me like a baby.  HE SITS ON MY HIP.  Does he like the kitten?  HE ADORES HER.  He watches her like he's in love.  PROBLEM:...the kitten hates him.  

At the moment, he's living in my living room.  There is set of double doors with glass in them that I've been using to have them interact.  If the doors are closed, Chiyo is obsessed with Mr. Kitty (he has no name at the moment XD)  She watches him, sticks her paws under the door, sniffs him, etc.  She's completely friendly.  But as soon as I open the door (always holding her, of course) she hisses and growls like a maniac. 

I don't know if she's had any bad experiences with other cats or anything before I rescued her.  When I plucked her out of my tree, she was about nine weeks old.  I'm working on the standard letting them interact through the door, but does anyone have any good advice as to how else to help them get along?

Also >_< the new cat wasn't neutered when we rescued him...and the stench from his litter box is HORRID.  We went ahead and neutered him about a week ago, and we're still hoping that it will get better, but...if it doesn't, does anyone here know of something else we can try?  My mother has a VERY VERY VERY sensitive sense of smell.  She has some over-active nerve or something, so she can smell it even when I can't.  Help?

Either way, THANK YOU GUYS!!

P.S.  This is my baby :) Chiyo is, for all intents and purposes, a b**ch :D GOT TO LOVE HER.
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22 December 2009 @ 12:56 pm
Thanks for everyone's kind advice and concern! I thought I'd let everyone know I took Morrie to the vet today, and he has a fever. The vet gave him a shot of antibiotics and we're gonna keep an eye on him, but he should recover just fine. He already seems to be doing better, so with any luck, we're past the worst of it.

Thanks again for your support and encouragement!
20 December 2009 @ 11:16 pm
Hey all,

My cat, Morrie, has not been himself the last few days. He's about 18 months old, but to watch him normally, you'd think it was more like 18 weeks. He's always been an extremely playful and rambunctious cat--a fact that's been doubly true since we brought another kitten home a few weeks ago. My roommate and I have joked that they're basically the same cat, except one's actually a kitten, and one just acts like one.

But the last few days, Morrie's been extremely lethargic. He's crouching or lying down all the time, sometimes sleeping, sometimes not. He moves somewhat gingerly, as though he's in pain, though he doesn't complain verbally when handled or petted, nor does he favor any particular limb or seem tender anywhere specific.

He's not having any trouble eating or voiding, and his bowel movements are normal and regular. I've noticed no loss of appetite, nor any overt weight gain or loss. He does vomit once every few days, but he's done that since he was a kitten, and my vet said it was probably just from eating too much too fast then getting right back to being rowdy and rambunctious before his stomach settled, so I don't think that's it. He's not sneezing, there's no discharge or drainage around his nose or eyes, and he seems alert enough. He's just not moving like he should be, you know?

I'm planning to call the vet tomorrow, but I thought I'd see if this sounded familiar to anyone or if anyone had any advice. Much appreciated!

03 December 2009 @ 06:27 pm
My kitten Lana really, really enjoys licking. She licks feet, hands, the vet, my face -- you name it, she'll lick it. She's doing it to be affectionate I know but I have yet to read any reason why a cat wants to lick a person. Any ideas?
03 December 2009 @ 05:00 pm
There is a huge rescue effort going on in Cincinnati, OH with 70 cats!!!

I recieved a news message from the Tri-State CART group (disaster response for animals) and saw a web link about an urgent kitten/cat rescue.

If you can help - foster, donate, or adopt - they could really, really use the help.

Check them out here: http://www.70Cats.org

And, if you've worked with poorly socialized kittens ... there are bound to be some of those in your community, no matter where you are!