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Strange Cat Behavior

Those Crazy Cats!

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This is a place to discuss your cat's strange behavior, be it curious, smart, comical, or just plain odd. Ask questions and discuss those unique feline behaviors that aren't necessarily problems, but get our attention.

I made this community because I've been part of a forum of the same nature that just seems to be dead now. I really enjoyed hearing about all these different cats' cute or quirky ways. I hope you'll all join and share your cats' with everyone. We can discuss solutions, laugh about the cute nature of your cat, or be there to support each other in those troubled times.

Please keep posts on topic: amusing or problematic behavior. Pictures are welcome. If your pictures are too large, please put them behind a cut. Thank you!

Keep in mind that we aren't professionals. We give advice based only on our own experiences. If your kitties are in trouble, please give them the professional help they need.